Version 0.3.1

  • Add CLI features:
    • check: Check the status of Marbleruns control plane
    • graphene-prepare Modifies a Graphene manifest for use with Marblerun
    • precheck: Check if your Kubernetes cluster supports SGX
    • uninstall Removes Marblerun from a Kubernetes cluster
    • version: Display version of this CLI and (if running) the Marblerun coordinator
    • Add support of the YAML format for manifests in the CLI
    • Print failure reason when setting a manifest fails
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • Fix a crash where an empty quote could cause the coordinator to crash
    • Fix a potential segfault on Marble activation
    • Fix a bug in the marble-injector Kubernetes MutatingAdmissionController deployment. Not setting the CABundle for Kubernetes version 1.19 and higher resulted in a failed authentication of the webhook in the Kubernetes API server. Ultimately, this leads to failing deployments of Marble pods

Version 0.3.0

  • Add support for privileged Client API endpoints
  • Allow increasing the minimum required SecurityVersion for packages after a manifest has been set initially (also referred to as ‘Manifest Update’)
  • Add an intermediate certificate to the Marblerun certificate chain. Keep the root certificate permanent and change the intermediate with each manifest update. Return the whole cert-chain on the client API. Clients can pin the intermediate for automatically catching a manifest update. Alternatively, they can pin the root certificate that will be valid for the lifetime of the service mesh.
  • Add a command-line interface (CLI) for administrating Marblerun
  • Add integration for Graphene-based Marbles
  • Add a Kubernetes mutating admission webhook as marble-injector service for automatically providing Pods with their Marble configuration
  • Refactor the client API as an HTTP-REST interface with responses following the JSend style
  • Use EGo for the Golang helloworld samples
  • Move libertmeshpremain into EdgelessRT

Version 0.2.0

  • Switch from simple $$<key-name> placeholders to more versatile Go Templates for secrets injection in the Manifest.
  • Add Secrets section to Manifest for the definition of custom keys and certificates.
  • Add recovery API.
  • Add a Prometheus metrics endpoint.
  • Use ertgolib’s new feature for retrieving Marblerun TLS credentials transparently.