The Coordinator is Marblerun’s control plane. It communicates with the Marble’s data plane through gRPC and provides an HTTP-REST interface on the client-side. The Coordinator can be configured with several environment variables:

  • EDG_COORDINATOR_MESH_ADDR: The listener address for the gRPC server
  • EDG_COORDINATOR_CLIENT_ADDR: The listener address for the HTTP server
  • EDG_COORDINATOR_DNS_NAMES: The DNS names for the cluster’s root certificate
  • EDG_COORDINATOR_SEAL_DIR: The file path for storing sealed data

The Coordinator clients can be divided into two major groups.

  • The owners/providers/administrators who need to interact with the coordinator for deploying their confidential application and administrative tasks
  • The users/customers who use the coordinator for remote attestation and establishing trust with the application

The Client API serves both use-cases with a compact REST-API.